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Now that you’ve landed a seat on a board, good communication with your fellow board members and CEO will make for a more meaningful and successful board experience. Keith Darcy, President of Darcy Partners Inc., assists organizations and their boards on developing sustainable governance, compliance and risk management programs. He’s kindly provided Women in the Boardroom members with expert answers to their common boardroom questions about ‘staying in the loop’, maintaining open communication and the process of evaluating one another.

How often should I sync one-on-one with the CEO?  A call to the CEO in advance of a board meeting can be useful as it enables a director to be brought up to date and hear about current matters. I would suggest periodic 5-10 minute meetings, even if only asking “How’s the family?” will begin to build a relationship. While this relationship is important, no director should be beholden to an individual. Her mandate is the enterprise and its shareholders.

How often should I interact with the management team? Should I ask for permission from the CEO? 
I always like 1 or 2 visits per year with other top executives to connect with them on a personal level and find out what business matters keep them up late at night. I would advise the CEO of your intention. If resisted, it’s a yellow flag.

WIB board candidates
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If you are looking to fill an open board seat, we can help! Not only do we have qualified candidates for you to choose from but we do not charge companies for this service. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your opening and we will announce it to the senior-level executive women who make up our VIP Membership. 
Upcoming WIB events
Upcoming events
April 28th Los Angeles Connections Event
Find out more about 'The Path to Board Service: Expert Advice on How to Navigate' with Bonnie Hill, Ed.D., President of B. Hill Enterprises & Sheila Ronning, CEO & Founder of Women in the Boardroom
May 5th Virtual Event
This essential webinar will teach you all about 'Mining Your Network' from the WIB Board Coach Deb Nelms & WIB CEO & Founder Sheila Ronning
May 13th NYC Conversations in the Boardroom Series Board experts lead small table discussions on the issues effecting board service. Learn more & register for the May 13th event in NYC here.
May 18th Washington, D.C. Conversations in the Boardroom Series
Join our experts to discuss topics such as communication & engagement with the stakeholder group, plus the skill-sets needed for compensation committees, during the May 18th' Conversations in the Boardroom' series.
October 28th Board Assembly in NYC
Join us at this exclusive, invite-only event. Attendees include VIP Members (senior-level executive women should click here to find out how to join as a VIP), along with sitting corporate board directors and board experts, both men and women. Find out more about this event.
Our Corporate Members
Corporate Members
Bonnie Hill
WIB Spotlight
Navigating the journey toward board service can, at times, be an overwhelming undertaking. Bonnie Hill, Ed.D., President of B. Hill Enterprises, LLC, a consulting firm focused on corporate governance, as well as board and public policy issues, has over 23-years of experience serving on corporate boards.
Bonnie will be one of the boardroom experts to help clarify and give you insight into your burning boardroom questions on April 28th when WIB heads to sunny Los Angeles. She will draw from her experience on the boards of Yum! Brands, California Water Service Group, The Home Depot and AK Steel Holding Corp. Join us for this exciting event at 6 PM PT to network & learn. VIP Members also have an exclusive get-together prior at 4:30 PM PT.

Sheila Ronning
CEO corner

I am often asked what type of skill-set is needed on corporate boards. Recently, The Huffington Post asked me a similar question, the answer of which I would like to share with you here: 


"A well-rounded board will have a matrix of skill-sets needed to best serve its clients whether that is for the shareholders of a public company or a private one. When a board needs to add an additional or new member they decide which skill-sets are missing. In most cases the board will reach out to those within their own network. Research shows that less than 15 percent of all board seats are filled by a search firm. When a search firm is retained, the first question is often asked 'who do you know?' Over the past three to five years there has been a shift in what skills are needed for boards. The boardrooms were filled with financial experts but in today's world those are not the only sought-for skills; there is a new wave of skills that boards are seeking, they are in marketing, online, social, risk oversight, sales, operations and human resources. The media tends to focus on Fortune 500 boards but it is vital to know what type of corporate board one is best suited for, maybe it is a smaller public company, a privately held company or a for-profit advisory one. On each of the boards the job of a director varies. For a public company it is governance, for a private company the focus tends to be on strategy."

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